The Next Meats Accelerator Program
Creating a worldwide, cross-border open innovation program

Next Meats has strenuously researched, developed, and distributed plant-based alternative meats to fulfill our mission of "Not letting Earth end". We believe reducing the consumption of commercial animal products and the strain put on the environment from animal agriculture is a critical factor in addressing climate change, and expect alternative meats to become even more of a vital aliment when considering the future of the Earth, and the survival of all life forms.

We believe all companies which truly intend to realize any of the Sustainable Development Goals should participate in open innovation to combine their technologies and networks, rather than compete for market share and only focus on profitability.

Because without exaggeration, our planet is on the brink of a climate catastrophe. But we are ambitious about changing the narrative.

Hence, to resolve the issue in an effective way, we will be launching the 「Next Meats Accelerator Program」.

This program, held worldwide in three languages simultaneously (Japanese, English, and Chinese), aims to speedily cultivate worldwide business collaboration opportunities focused on sustainability. By combining the resources of Next Meats (funds, technology, customers, products, business development capabilities) with the technologies and assets of participating companies, we aim to realize mutually beneficial partnerships and develop world-class businesses that raise consumers awareness of environmental issues.

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Sparking Innovation

By combining the knowledge and technologies of all participants, we can spark innovation on an unprecedented scale in the alternative meat industry.

Uniting for the Earth

Rather than competing amongst one another, if capable and passionate entities worked together we can improve the global environment much more efficiently.

World market acquisition

By combining the power of all participating companies, we can and will expand and shape the global alternative meat market.

We are calling on all companies, researchers, and experienced individuals who take climate action seriously and want to step up to the challenge of developing cutting-edge, never before seen alternative meat products with us.

Food Tech

Let us know about your innovative approaches in food processing methods, flavoring, the supply and selection of raw materials, and nutritional insights.

Bio Tech

Microalgae, cell culturing and genetic modification technology all hold unbound possibility in the development of new alternative meat products. Talk to us about your product development ambitions!

Agri Tech

Collaborate with your specialty in IoT, blockchain and agricultural technology to discern new raw material prospects and other potentials to be unlocked

Hard Ware

Utilize your knowledge on machinery and the packing-processing steps to improve the alternative meat production process!

We are open to collaborate with innovative companies, researchers, and individuals even if you do not specialize in alternative meats, if it is in your strong interests to contribute to the research and development of products which will come out of this program.


Application period

1 Month

First process
Application review

2 to 4 weeks

Second Process
Online Pitch

2 to 4 weeks

Starting first trials
reviewing POC

3 to 6 months

Test Marketing

3 Months


The Next Meats Branding

Next Meats has become established as an alternative meat brand in Japan and overseas for developing the "NEXT Yakiniku Series", the world's first alternative meat designed for Yakiniku and served nationwide Barbeque chain in Japan. Next Meats has also received great media coverage and market advantage by swiftly establishing overseas collaborations and facilities, compared to competitors. By collaborating, you can use the brand power of Next Meats in establishing new businesses.

Know-how / technology

We can develop products and offer our extensive know-how and technology cultivated through researching and developing our various alternative meat products such as yakiniku, beef bowl, and hamburger steak.

Speed of Business

We value and pride ourselves in our speed of development. By experiencing the speediness and business style of Next Meats, it will surely be of use in your company's future endeavors.

CSR Contribution

Next Meats operates with the mission of "Not letting the Earth end." By collaborating with us, our partners can confidently state their CSR Contributions.


We have expanded our business to Taiwan and Vietnam, and are currently working full speed to establish facilities in America, Italy, Singapore, and several other countries. We have gotten listed on the American OTC Market in January of 2021.


Next Meats can also support various costs and research costs for PoC (proof of concept) for commercialization. We will consider investing if necessary.


Hideyuki Sasaki
Next Meats Co., Ltd. CEO
Next Meats Holdings Inc. COO

Ryo Shirai
Next Meats Co., Ltd. Founder
Next Meats Holdings Inc. CEO


Ayuko Nakamura
eiicon company CEO/founder

Tomita Ataru
eiicon company CDO/COO

Masafumi Asakura
Co-Founder & CEO of Final Aim, Inc.

He was the COO at an AI and 3D printing startup in Tokyo, Japan which succeeded in being acquired by a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 2017. He was in charge of not only as a COO but also as an Executive Director of Global Business Development. From the experience of the M&A, he has been advising not only Japanese but also international startups. Previously, Masafumi lived in Singapore for about 3 years and experienced two companies. One was in charge as a Managing Director, and the other was in charge as a CEO. He succeeded in several M&As and alliances in ASEAN. He began his career in Singapore at Reeracoen Singapore Pte, Ltd. He gathered fellows from all over the world and built a multinational team, including Ireland, Spain, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, and Singapore.

Masayuki Kimura
Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support, Board Director and COO [Chief Operating Officer].

Started his career as CPA and provided IPO consulting, M&A and Audit. Launched innovation focused subsidiary in Deloitte Japan in 2010 as a co-founder and expanded to over 160 members with 4 presences in the world. Promoted whole company businesses as a COO. Business leader with 13 years of experience in business planning, cross-border alliance and innovation strategy consulting. Moved to US in 2015 and created a lot of Japanese MNCs new businesses with local startups. Presented as the main and special speaker in large scale global tech conferences such as Automotive World 2019, Wearable Expo 2017-2019 and AI Conference 2017.

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