The Philosophy of NEXT MEATS
- The Next Move from Meat

Can we talk about this crazy weather we’re having?

According to the UN, meat production accounts for roughly 15% of greenhouse gases emitted by us humans every year. As a result, weather events like typhoons and heat waves are getting more extreme, causing long-term damage to our planet (not to mention us).
The good news is that we can still make a difference and that’s by cutting down on our consumption of animal products. So, who are we exactly?

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Next Meats is a food-tech venture founded in Tokyo, by people passionate about delivering a better future for our children. We strive to create tasty alternatives to your favourite dishes, without the same environmental impact of using meat.
We believe in a more ecologically sustainable future for every person. Look out for Mother Nature and make a positive impact on your wellbeing, without compromising on taste or quality.

Looking To The Future…

Humans are a resilient bunch, but we all have to work together. Here at Next Meats, we’re optimistic about the future of our planet. By making small changes – like cutting down on factory-farmed meat – we can create a greener outlook for everyone.
We hope to continue developing mouth-watering alternatives that make plant-based the next move from meat.